Mechanical Witch- Moon Cricket

Mechanical Witch – Moon Cricket

Meet Moon Cricket , made with the power of oxygen and swear words (gasp!!!)

But in the end it turned out oh so pretty 🙂 And now I’m secretly jealous of it…. Life might be weirder if we tried 🙂 Enjoy!

ps. super enjoy my guitar skills in there ha
pps. thanks to my ridiculous friends for the name Moon Cricket!

Track loaded on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and my Podcast! Weeewwwww xx

Mechanical Witch – Taku

I’ve been sitting in the dark making this track for far too long….



Art by Orb Media & Design

Skwid – Earthsong feat. Jai Daemion (Mechanical Witch Remix)

Recently Australian based label Higher Recordings put out the opportunity to remix one of it’s most well known tracks ‘Earthsong feat. Jai Daemion’ produced by Skwid.

I really support these moments where music is brought back to the community and even thought this is not the kind of music I naturally fall into I couldn’t help but put my hand in.



Make sure you check out the other artists who put forward their own interpretations 🙂


Higher Recordings:







Mechanical Witch – Helium

this is what happens when you give me too many things to play with!!

and for some reason all I can think of is Helium Balloons….





Mechanical Witch – Hybrid

its the track you make when you’re trying to avoid the other tracks you’re making… but then you kinda love it, but still cant admit it because well I’m only human. I even threw a banjo in for fun 🙂 oh but please turn it up, louder than that… its one of those tracks

and thank you to my littlest hybrid Zen who lent me her amazing eyes for my art

I think you’re all delightful and there’s nothing you can do to stop me






Art by Orb Media & Design