Big Wild

This track is some kind of musical recreation of what it’s like to live inside my head.

I tried to explain it to someone once as being in a room that’s filled with stacks of precariously balancing stacks of meticulously ordered pieces of paper which hold my memories and understanding of things, but then someone throws open the doors and life just goes everywhere….

But now I have a music to go with my weird story that you just read… Happy whatever day of the week this is!!!!

ps. my cat just sneezed and fell off the couch, it was awesome




Massive Attack – Tear Drop (Mechanical Witch Remix)

In a moment of feeling a touch brave, I thought why not give this remix thing another chance… and hey while you’re at it pick a style you’ve never done before…. it’ll be fun they said.

The bravery has long departed. Ive eaten 500 Tim Tams. I used to be a race car….? what?

But i’d be super interested in any suggestions that may spring to mind if you get your own brave moment and take a listen πŸ™‚

So tada there it is.. my drum & bass remix of an amazing track Tear Drop from Massive Attack.

peas xx

Mechanical Witch on Bandcamp

for funzies…Β also that track is there πŸ™‚ yay


Shadow Days

Mechanical Witch & Shadow Days

the time to get excited isΒ  Β  ….. now!

Shadow Days is large and in charge? Well, maybe… But thanks to those who have belief in my music a little more gets released into the big wild world all the time πŸ™‚

So bring on the 28th of June and give yourself an auditory treat with

a 56 Stuff presentation

Music for Eukaryotes

(click the link….. click it!)


I’m also feeling pretty fancy that I get to have my name amongst such eclectic and talented humans πŸ™‚ So Excellent

My stand alone track will also be available on Bandcamp from the 28th of June πŸ™‚

Shadow Days

Mechanical Witch – Shadow Days




Mechanical Witch – Violet

Dear Diary,

Meet Violet.
Shes a little bit shy, but give her 7:20 and she be rockin’ the town πŸ™‚

There’s a story!!! **audible groan from across the nation**
So I’m working on this colour concept thing at the moment… I know, get your own idea colours were here before you. And maybe they were. But I also have synesthesia and so I made something that made life turn Violet for me. Its super prreeeetyyyy πŸ™‚

Listen to Violet, hear her colours, or if you’re like me you can also feel and see them.

Oh Violet, you are delightful xxx


Mechanical Witch – The Originals

this is a super fly blend of three of my hip hop beats… in some kind of weird uniting of oddity… totes dope

such music, so wow, much dorkus

listen to it, then listen to it again, after that its totally up to you

one day, i hope i can be as cool as someone else’s music ha

peas x

Mechanical Witch – Sputa Il Rospo

I did mention this track was off on a greater adventure πŸ™‚ And its finally come full circle.Β  You can check it out, love it, buy it, throw confetti at it whatever you want


Kaiseki Digital were lovely enough to include my track on this unique compilation, but click away (link off to Bandcamp) because I promise there are many more delights to be found πŸ™‚

A delicious sampling of Kaiseki Digital in every track

Release Date: 30th March 2018